Three Types of Education

Leadership Education or as it is often called, Thomas Jefferson Education (TJed), is based on the principles of Eight Keys of Great Teaching and Four Phases of Learning. It is considered a “classical method” since the standards are reading classics in all subjects. The focus is on engaging in Life-long Learning and truly developing a Love of Learning.
Three Types of Education

* Conveyor Belt Education
* Professional Conveyor Belt Education
* Leadership Education

The three types of education are explained in depth in subsequent pages as are the Eight Keys of Great Teaching and the Four Phases of Learning. We firmly believe that ALL THREE are important in our society and that a society will only truly thrive when all three are in place. It is not our position to do away with any of the three types of education, rather to point out that the Leadership Education type is sadly missing in the majority of schools; public, private, and home. In an effort to bring back Leadership Education, Dr. Oliver DeMille has written two books and given countless speeches to address the resurgence of this lost type of education. We have embraced this method of education for our children and hope to share our experiences with you.

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