The Top Eight Mistakes Parents Make with Scholar Phase

Recently I was skimming through Leadership Education by Oliver and Rachel DeMille, looking for areas in which to improve my mentoring techniques when I came across pages 212-224 about “The Top Eight Mistakes Parents Make with Scholar Phase”. Considering the fact that all my children are now in Scholar phase (varying levels) I figured this was a good place to study again.

Here is a list of the mistakes:

  1. Treat them like teenagers, instead of young adults.
  2. Start them too early.
  3. Give them too much non-academic work.
  4. Give them too little non-academic work.
  5. Promote a typical modern teenager social life.
  6. Ignore the written agreement.
  7. Don’t have them mentor younger siblings.
  8. Do not clearly outline ownership.
I am very pumped about the paradigm shift that is happening in our home. I have spent so much time studying what to do that I have overlooked some of the things not to do. Over the next week or so I will be sharing more of what I have discovered in addition to what I have read, giving more of a “how this worked in my home” look at the mistakes many well-meaning mentoring parents make with their youth. I should know, I’ve made a few of them myself!

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One comment on “The Top Eight Mistakes Parents Make with Scholar Phase
  1. Karen says:

    Ooh! I’m looking forward to hearing what you’re doing. None of my children are in scholar phase, but I can totally see myself wanting to start them to early. I’ve made that mistake with “love of learning”. I hope I have learned my lesson for good!

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