Tantrums and Sensory – Are they related? – Part 2

Air Quality & Aromas

A direct link between the olfactory glands and our nervous system sets up a vital connection that can aid learning. Smells in our environment can influence our moods and levels of anxiety, fear, hunger, depression and sexuality. – Brain-Based Learning: The New Paradigm of Teaching by Eric Jensen

mindThis is an area that I did not pay much attention to until one of our children was diagnosed with Asthma. I learned a lot about this environmental trigger real quick. I ended up throwing out all air fresheners, perfumed items of all kinds (shampoo, perfume, lotions, etc.) If you want to learn more about these types of triggers, do a quick search on VOC’s and you will find a plethora of information to apply.

Research is also showing relations to Aromatherapy using Essential Oils. We personally use many of these to help reduce stress and promote relaxation at the appropriate times, but also enhance learning and wakefulness during education hours.

Air Purifiers

A few years ago we purchased a large air purifier and that helped more than I could even imagine in helping our traumatized little ones become calm and happy. We lived in an area with high allergens due to all the trees. By running the purifier in our home, we were able to eliminate not just tantrums, but inhalers, seasonal colds, and allergy eyes. Everybody was miserable. Boy did it make a difference! Within 24 hours we noticed relief in symptoms and within a couple weeks the medications were practically gone.

Negative Ionization

Until I began researching the subject, but negative ionization is desirable. Who knew? I sure didn’t.

When it comes to air, the more negative;y charged it is, the better. When the electrical charge of the air is too positive, it can cause  you to feel groggy, lethargic, sleepy or depressed. Have you ever noticed that when you stand in front of a waterfall, or step outdoors just after a rain, or stand atop a mountain, or just get out of a shower, you feel fresh and energized. You may be enjoying the benefits of negative ionization. – Brain-Based Learning: The New Paradigm of Teaching by Eric Jensen

One of the small room sized air purifiers we purchased has an ionization feature. We have moved it around to each bedroom to increase ionization with great benefits. We find that family members sleep better after the room has been ionized.

musicMusic and Noise

I think most of us can think of music that makes us feel calm or agitated or upbeat or down. When little ones begin getting agitated, try putting on calming music to change the mood. We found that our family responds really well to vocals and non-vocal types of music. Some favorite artists for calming moods and studying are Enya, Yo-Yo Ma and classical composers.

There are tons of YouTube videos about calming music for education and children.

In the same vein, some noise even sounds that are pleasing and comforting to others can grate on another person’s nerves. Even appliances running during times when people are trying to concentrate or wind down for sleep can make those times challenging. Try running dishwashers and clothes washers at times when people are at their calmest. We found that with one autistic child we needed to run those machines late at night when she was fast asleep. During the daytime hours it caused issues with meltdowns.

In general, these are just a few thoughts on finding what might be attributing to tantrums and meltdowns. I highly suggest looking into these types of interference and tips to make your home more conducive to calm and tranquility.

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