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Consumer Use Product Copyright Statement

These printable(s) or digital file(s) you have received were created by Celeste Batchelor, Freedom Educators.com. Copyright 2013-2014.

Exceptions to Copyright Agreement for Freedom Educators, these products are copyrighted or licensed to TJED.org:

  • Classics for Adults
  • Classics for Young Children
  • Classics for Young Readers
  • TJED for Teens lists


The graphic files contained in your e-file are the product of CELESTE BATCHELOR and FREEDOM EDUCATORS. They are protected by United States copyright law. Purchaser or user may use, copy and modify these files according to the household consumer license usage terms portion* of this agreement and are not to be used for commercial gain. These files are licensed to the *purchaser’s computers only and are not to be shared, loaned, rented, resold, distributed, transferred, or posted across a bulletin board, network, modem, Internet or web page. Do not make copies of these files on any electronic or physical medium (including CDs, diskettes, or other storage medium) for reasons other than back-up purposes.

*Household Consumer License Usage Terms: Consumer product may be used by individuals living in same household working on the licensee’s desktop or laptop, provided the licensee is the owner of both computers and provided that the files are not used on both computers at the same time. Use on computers not owned by the licensee requires separate purchases.


  • Your daughter is working on your computer. She may use the files.
  • Your daughter has her own computer and wishes to use the files. Your daughter needs her own licenses for the use on her computer.
  • Your sister (who lives in a different household) wishes to use the files. Your sister may not use your files. She must purchase her own licenses.

Licensee hereby acknowledges that Licensee is licensing the Software for non-commercial, personal use. Licensee hereby agrees to pay liquidated damages to Licensor in the amount of 10,000.00 for any non-personal and/or commercial use. In addition, should Licensor incur any attorney fees or other costs in collecting and/or enforcing this liquidated damages provision, Licensee agrees to reimburse Licensor for all such fees and/or costs. The parties acknowledge that the liquidated damages set forth above are reasonable in amount, that actual damages would be extremely difficult or impractical to determine and that any dispute or potential dispute over actual damages would be disruptive to the businesses of the parties so that it is in both parties’ best interest to have determined the amount of such reasonable liquidated damages.

“If you use this product in an unauthorized personal manner (such as unauthorized sharing with individuals or groups) you will be liable for liquidated damages of 10,000 and all attorney’s costs and fees as described above.”

If you have any questions about this copyright statement or wish to personally contact the copyright holder, you may contact:


3838 Fox Lair Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86004


Examples of Proper Consumer Product Use:

  • Making as many copies as you need for your family or classroom use.
  • Creating a GIFT to give to your niece/nephew for Christmas.
  • Creating designs which will be used to create a personal/family type website.
  • Creating handouts for a lesson that you are teaching yourself.

Examples of Incorrect Consumer Product Use: (All of these situations require the purchase of additional product as they allow a shared use or profit-oriented/environment use)

  • Making multiple copies of the files for meetings without first contacting FREEDOM EDUCATORS for permission.
  • Sharing your files with anyone else not in accordance with the *household consumer license usage terms portion of this agreement.
  • Posting the file on the Internet.
  • Distributing the files for the use of any group – even if it is a non-profit group such as a school or church.

These examples are not to be considered exhaustive lists but are use illustrations of correct/incorrect usage.


Copyright FAQ

The TJED Mentor Guide contained in this package are licensed and protected by international copyright laws. These guides are copyrighted by FREEDOM EDUCATORS and CELESTE BATCHELOR.


What Is Copyright?

Copyright gives exclusive legal rights of usage of an “original work of authorship” to the copyright holder. This protection is provided by the United States title 17, U.S. Code and other international laws. Anyone who violates copyright is subject to criminal penalties, fines, and the possible recovery of any loss of income or profit suffered by the copyright holder due to the infringement. An infringer is also potentially liable for attorney’s fees and statutory damages.


What should I do if I am not sure how I want to use TJED Mentor Guide or TJED Homeschool Planner violates copyright?

Contact us at freedomeducators@gmail.com.


Is it okay to copy a digital image or file and give it to my friend to use?

No. FREEDOM EDUCATORS images, fonts, projects, and digital files (PDF’s) are for the purchaser’s personal use. Sharing your files can be a felony – depending upon how much you are doing it. It is against the law to share copyrighted material.

Under no circumstances shall FREEDOM EDUCATORS be responsible for any damages or loss that results from the use of, or inability to use any of the products sold or distributed by FREEDOM EDUCATORS.  The information contained on this site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.


Downloadable Products Download Contract


This TJED Mentor Guide and TJED Homeschool Planner end user Agreement (the “Agreement”) becomes a binding contract between you and FREEDOM EDUCATORS when you download a FREEDOM EDUCATORS product.

FREEDOM EDUCATORS total liability, whether for breach of contract, warranty, negligence, strict liability in tort or otherwise, is limited to the price of the particular product sold under these terms with respect to which losses or damages are claimed. In no event will FREEDOM EDUCATORS be liable for any loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, lost profits or savings or other incidental or consequential damages to the full extent such may be disclaimed by law. No action will be brought for any breach of these Terms more than one year after the accrual of such cause of action. You agree that this limitation of liability is comprehensive and applies to all damages of any kind, including without limitation direct, indirect, compensatory, special, incidental, punitive and consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to Buyer.

Because some of FREEDOM EDUCATORS products are downloadable, they cannot be returned. (It is impossible to upload them again!) However, if you have any problems with our products, we will happily work with you to resolve any issues that you are having so that you will get the value you perceived when you placed your order. In fact, we are delighted to help you until you are completely satisfied that you made a purchase with us!

By purchasing FREEDOM EDUCATORS products, you agree that you understand that unless a product delivery has been identified as being delivered in a different way, your delivery will be accomplished through downloads. Furthermore, you agree that by purchasing FREEDOM EDUCATORS (not specifically identified as a non-downloadable product) to accept your delivery through these downloads.