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Think of how the majority of schools present education:

  • All children are treated mostly the same.
  • All children of a certain age are placed together in classes.
  • Children in say…third grade… all learn the same basic materials at the same time
  • After 13 years of education, kindergarten through twelfth grade, the end product is given a “stamp of approval” in the form of a diploma to signify it is a finished product.
  • That “product” is now ready for the job market.

Does that sound familiar at all? It does to me. It was exactly how I was educated in the public school system where I grew up in the USA.

Think about it…what do you remember from 4th grade, or 7th grade, or 12th grade, or even college? I don’t know about you, but I mostly remember who my friends were and some basic information that interested me. There is not much else stored from all those years at school, including my college years! I know I obviously learned how to read and write and a little math (that seems to disappear quickly for me). But why didn’t more stick?

How is a family set up?

Our Heavenly Father designed the perfect method in which to teach children…a family. There are two parents who love their children more than anyone else, other than God. There are children of a variety of ages who strengthen, challenge, and learn together. This is the central unit placed on this earth for the teaching of children. (See The Family: A Proclamation to the World)

How did our current education system start?

Until approximately the 1840’s education was limited to largely the wealthy and even then only available in densely populated areas. Poor and Middle class children where taught in the home or not at all. The advent of a publicly funded system was in large part to educate the poor. Middle Class children where still taught in the home or with tutors while the wealthy afforded the private school arena.

Over time, society migrated to the majority using the “free” (or rather tax funded) public school system. The wealthy still frequented the private school “college prep” type system. The middle class and poor filled the public schools even more once it became mandatory for children to attend school. Was this system a good thing? Yes, in many ways. All children could now attend school to learn the fundamentals needed to succeed as a society.

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