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College Conspiracy Video

I’ve been following the idea of this documentary for some time and I know it has been a topic of conversation among many home educating families. I hope you’ll watch and determine for yourself if this information is true and/or

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Making Weaponry?

I have had mothers question my choices in allowing my son to make “weapons”. Our society has been leaning for some time towards “weapon free” play for boys. I personally think this is an agenda to keep us from defending

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“It Is Not Meet That I Should Command In All Things”

I am working through my Personal Progress along with my Beehives. That is one thing I should have been doing with my daughters all along, but being called to Young Women’s has sparked my drive to do so again. I

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Raising Literate Boys

Today I read this article: How to Raise Boys That Read (goes right along with my review of Boys Adrift). I have to say that I think this article is right on. Our boys and young men are distracted from reading

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Part-Time Working Homeschool Mom

I’ve had many questions about how I can possibly work part-time and still homeschool. Well…it is a bit tricky… Job #1 – Kohl’sI worked a couple years ago part-time at night doing ad-set at Khol’s…making a few cents above minimum

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