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The Reluctant Writer

from I have a reluctant writer. He is an awesome student in many ways, but still, writing is not and never has been, his favorite way of expressing himself. The problem comes in when I, the mentor, want the

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American Government Classics

We the People

I love learning about the birth of America, the various changes over time, and the current state of our great nation. This is one of the most important subjects to study from the classics. Textbooks have left out so much

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TJED Conveyor-belt

Death of Socrates I was going to post another Classics List for transcript purposes, but decided this needed to be posted instead. On a Yahoo Group, of which I am a member, a discussion topic came up that has really

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Shakespeare Classics

  Shakespeare…need I say more? An entire year can be spent on Shakespeare alone. My children have grown to love Shakespeare so much that they have requested their own copies. We have a copy from The Great Books of the Western World

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I Need Something More

Yesterday, my son (age 14), a self-proclaimed Practice Scholar who was having a Love of Learning day, came to me and said, “I need something more.” “What ‘more’ do you need?” I asked adding air quotes around the word ‘more’.

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