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Seat Time vs. Instructional Time

I am happy to get private emails about homeschooling with Leadership Education principles. I’ve been getting a few about Transcripts lately. This is a challenging subject for the following reasons: Each person is different and is going to study different

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Graduation! – Marlayna

We are so proud of our children! We are pleased to officially “graduate” our daughter, Marlayna. She is a bright young woman with a fabulous future ahead. We know she will continue to live a life where learning never stops

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SAT Practice Testing

I should begin by saying that I do not believe in tests. Not one bit. They are a convoluted way of pigeon holing people into statistics. It is a poor practice adopted by colleges to make the process of admittance easier on

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Transcript Time!

Alright…I’ve taken a few weeks off to decompress after a 1200 mile move and the red tape of foster licensing (Can you say “government torture test”?). Whew! Now I need to prepare the transcript information for this past year. Yep…now that

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Economics Classics

We decided to have economics as a separate class simply because it is such a misunderstood area of study in our society today. I truly believe that if everyone in our society studied economics, we would not be in the

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