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What’s New in TJED?

The Seven Liberal Arts I attended a fabulous Webinar “The New Approach to Leadership Education for the Decade Ahead” by Oliver DeMille last Thursday. He announced some significant new information for those who know or want to know more about

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Secure, not Stressed

I met another family that has returned their children to public school today. I felt sad. It is hard to keep up with all the mothers I have met over the years that have homeschooled at one time or another.

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TJED Conveyor-belt

Death of Socrates I was going to post another Classics List for transcript purposes, but decided this needed to be posted instead. On a Yahoo Group, of which I am a member, a discussion topic came up that has really

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Education: How did it happen?

I’ve been re-reading “Alas, Babylon” by Pat Frank. The second time through is definitely an eye-opener. I am understanding things I did not get before. I wanted to share a couple of insights from the book that I feel are relevant in

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Shh! Scholar in Progress

During our Mentor Meetings Sunday night, a startling discovery was made….I interrupt my Scholars too much. Nayna politely asked during the meeting to not be interrupted during her study hours. I was pretty surprised, because I thought my kids have

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