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Home Education on the Move

Moving is always a major upset in the realm of home education. You tear down your inspirational environment to be moved to a new location. It takes several weeks of packing and unpacking to get back to a semblance of

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Aleks Math

UPDATE – October 2014 – We no longer use Aleks. We switched to Life of Fred. We decided to try Aleks Math, an online math program. I was able to get a free two month trial membership to try it

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Getting it Together

When life throws you some curve balls, it can be hard to get back on track. Having challenges is part of life. We all have them at various times, some more than others it seems. With educating our children at

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They Aren’t Doing Anything!

I used to worry extensively about my older children (Love of Learning and Practice Scholars at the time) seemingly “not doing anything”. My conveyor-belt mind wanted to see worksheets, tests, and papers every day. I was worried they would not

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Weekly Planner #2

Nayna decided that she didn’t want to use the Weekly Planner #1 anymore. She devised a specific planner to suit her needs. This planner includes all of the subjects she wants to study, planned out over the days she wants

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