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Jailbreaking College

I’ve been reading about “The College Bubble” that is looming for a couple years now. Much like The Housing Bubble of a few years ago, The College Bubble is skyrocketing college education costs that are predicted to plummet as the

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What is Mine – Oct. 2014

I often wonder what everyone else is doing. It isn’t really because I want to copy them, more like I want to get ideas of what I want to do. I guess this is why Pinterest is such a hit…we

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Homeschooling College

Homeschooling through high school is my most frequently asked question — Q. – How do you home school through high school? A. – We use the classics! (See my lists of Classes by Classics) While this is an answer for high

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Systems: Academic Journaling

How do I journal? What should it look like? What goes into the journal? Should I go “old school” paper or “new wave” digital? (See more on digital journaling at the bottom of this article.) These are very good, but

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Graduation! – Marlayna

We are so proud of our children! We are pleased to officially “graduate” our daughter, Marlayna. She is a bright young woman with a fabulous future ahead. We know she will continue to live a life where learning never stops

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