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Secure, not Stressed

I met another family that has returned their children to public school today. I felt sad. It is hard to keep up with all the mothers I have met over the years that have homeschooled at one time or another.

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Educate to Innovate Initiative

Recently President Obama said in the State of the Union Address that he wants to focus on “educating for innovation” because we need to compete in a global world. (See the White House webpage here.) The website says this will be done through:

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Grades? What Grades?

One area that seems to confound people the most when they scrutinize our home school is the relative lack of grades. I used to try to keep grades, but what are grades anyway? Aren’t they just a set value associated

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Concurrent Enrollment (Dual Credit)

With my previous post being about the “College Conspiracy“, this post may come as a surprise. I really do believe the college bubble will burst and thus lower college expenses and have a balancing effect on secondary education. College is

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College Conspiracy Video

I’ve been following the idea of this documentary for some time and I know it has been a topic of conversation among many home educating families. I hope you’ll watch and determine for yourself if this information is true and/or

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