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Systems: Family Work

I love a clean house! Doesn’t everybody? What I don’t love is pleading, threatening, and cajoling to get children to love having a clean house as much as I do. Nor do I love cleaning up after all my little

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Systems: Academic Journaling

How do I journal? What should it look like? What goes into the journal? Should I go “old school” paper or “new wave” digital? (See more on digital journaling at the bottom of this article.) These are very good, but

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Transcript Time!

Alright…I’ve taken a few weeks off to decompress after a 1200 mile move and the red tape of foster licensing (Can you say “government torture test”?). Whew! Now I need to prepare the transcript information for this past year. Yep…now that

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Home Library Cataloging

We own a lot of books. Keeping track of all the books we own is a huge chore! I can’t tell you how many times I have re-purchased the same book because I thought we did not own it yet.

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Life Skills in the Home

I know this post is not about homeschooling…but who can homeschool effectively without some sort of organization to their home. Teaching life skills are an important part of educating all children regardless of where they get their education, so I discuss this

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