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New Product! – Mentor Guides Beauty and the Beast All Freedom Educator Mentor Guide products are based on the principles of Leadership Education or Thomas Jefferson Education (a.k.a. TJED) as described in Oliver DeMille’s books: A Thomas Jefferson Education, Leadership Education: The

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All I Want For Christmas…

Mom and Me

Mom and Me All I want for Christmas is my “fire” back…I need to light the fire in me again for learning. I assume my lack of enthusiasm for studying is related to grieving for my mother who passed away in September

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Fiction vs. Non-Fiction or Male vs. Female?

Conversation: Mom: “What books from the TJED for Teens list do I need to get from the library for you this summer?” Nayna: “I don’t know. I’ve read most of them.” Mom: “Really? I thought you were around the half-way

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Professional Conveyor-belt Burnout

Our oldest daughter, Sam, was home from college this past week, taking a break in-between Spring and Summer semesters. She is really working hard to get through school quickly and efficiently. We are so proud of her for her hard

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College Conspiracy Video

I’ve been following the idea of this documentary for some time and I know it has been a topic of conversation among many home educating families. I hope you’ll watch and determine for yourself if this information is true and/or

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