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Aleks Math

UPDATE – October 2014 – We no longer use Aleks. We switched to Life of Fred. We decided to try Aleks Math, an online math program. I was able to get a free two month trial membership to try it

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Mathematics Classics

When I first considered learning math simply through reading classics, my mind immediately was full of “cricket sounds at midnight”. Completely empty of thought basically. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it at all! Nor could I think of ONE

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They Aren’t Doing Anything!

I used to worry extensively about my older children (Love of Learning and Practice Scholars at the time) seemingly “not doing anything”. My conveyor-belt mind wanted to see worksheets, tests, and papers every day. I was worried they would not

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Curriculum Review: Mega Math

I found this little treasure at the SAC Lending Library, which is a homeschool curriculum library that allows you to check-out curriculum for a year for $1…yeah…$1! Nice if you want what they have there. I found a couple of

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Zooming Through Math…and I Didn’t Even Push Them

For the past few years that we have been focusing on implementing the Leadership Education method for homeschooling I was always a little concerned in the back of my mind about if the kids would really learn. Would they really do it largely on

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