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Tantrums and Sensory – Are they related? – Part 2

Five Senses

Air Quality & Aromas A direct link between the olfactory glands and our nervous system sets up a vital connection that can aid learning. Smells in our environment can influence our moods and levels of anxiety, fear, hunger, depression and

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Tantrums and Sensory – Are they related? – Part 1


I often  post and comment on several parenting and homeschooling groups. I run across a TON of the same kinds of posts… My child is out of control! They are always throwing tantrums and being mean to everyone in the

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All I Want For Christmas…

Mom and Me

Mom and Me All I want for Christmas is my “fire” back…I need to light the fire in me again for learning. I assume my lack of enthusiasm for studying is related to grieving for my mother who passed away in September

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Renegotiating in Love of Learning, Scholar, and Depth Phases

Can we renegotiate Core Phase lessons and still be a Love of Learner or a Scholar? Yes, in fact we should still consider ourselves in whatever phase we feel we are in. It is true that someone with a lot

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Reading Leads to Less Depression?

The Nov. 22, 2011 issue of the Daily Inspire had an article on reading for happiness. This intrigued me quite a bit and so I looked up the article it quotes and found the abstract of the study mentioned. I

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