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World History Classics

This is a continuation of my posts on Classes by Classics. World History is an all encompassing task to study. One could spend their entire life studying all the cultures and their various histories throughout all time. Think of it…the

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American History Classics

‘I cannot tell a lie.’ American History is a pretty easy one to find classics on…or so I thought. Once I began studying American History, I realized that so many sources vary in their coverage of events. For example, I

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American Government Classics

We the People

I love learning about the birth of America, the various changes over time, and the current state of our great nation. This is one of the most important subjects to study from the classics. Textbooks have left out so much

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The World Before Christ: An LDS Perspective

I posted several weeks ago about my son’s need of some new history books. We decided to purchase ‘The World Before Christ: An LDS Perspective” by Dan P. Hunter. We have been using this three volume set for a few

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Constituting America

I support organizations that teach Americans about America. I have read The Constitution of the United States a few times, but I heard about this undertaking by Constituting America to read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers in 90 days.

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