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Trauma and the Phases of Learning

I’m going to go further out on a limb here than I have ever gone before. **Deep Breath** Here goes nothin’… I am a child of domestic violence. In other words, I grew up in an abusive home. I saw

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How does TJED compare?

  Recently, I received an email that described a little bit of how Leadership Education (TJED) compares to other homeschool methods. This chart describes what homeschooling methods match up to which Phase of Learning. Phase of Learning Method Comparison Core

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Shh! Scholar in Progress

During our Mentor Meetings Sunday night, a startling discovery was made….I interrupt my Scholars too much. Nayna politely asked during the meeting to not be interrupted during her study hours. I was pretty surprised, because I thought my kids have

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Adult Transitions

I’ve written several posts about young adults (teens) transitioning to Scholar Phase. But, as I move into mentoring adults it is trickier to describe, analyze, and portray what transitioning to Scholar Phase looks like in an adult. This is largely

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“It Is Not Meet That I Should Command In All Things”

I am working through my Personal Progress along with my Beehives. That is one thing I should have been doing with my daughters all along, but being called to Young Women’s has sparked my drive to do so again. I

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