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Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom at the Cabin in Lakeside, AZ I know you are in Heaven, Mom, and that your body no longer ages, but we’re keeping track of your birthday’s anyway. We just can’t help it. It’s what those of us still

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Natural Law Parenting Introduction

In our studies of American Government, we have delved deeply into the concept of Natural Law (God’s Law) as the founding father’s basis for why they wrote founding documents for the United States of America and the thought processes behind

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Getting it Together

When life throws you some curve balls, it can be hard to get back on track. Having challenges is part of life. We all have them at various times, some more than others it seems. With educating our children at

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Fieldtrips in the Spring

Spring really is the best time to get out and explore nature. Everything is growing, sprouting, blooming, and just plain beautiful! Here are the last two fieldtrips we’ve been on in the past few of weeks. Wilson Creek National Battlefield

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With my recent accident in log splitting, I was very skeptical about Christian chopping wood. He convinced me that he had sufficient knowledge of safety precautions and that he would be careful. He also pointed out that Almonso in “Farmer

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