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Common Core vs. Classics

We’ve all been hearing about Common Core, the newest government-based idea of what education should be, and we have probably taken a stand in one way or another. We either care or we don’t, right? As people delve deeper into

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How Homeschooler’s Measure Up

A very interesting graphic that says it all. Source:

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Seat Time vs. Instructional Time

I am happy to get private emails about homeschooling with Leadership Education principles. I’ve been getting a few about Transcripts lately. This is a challenging subject for the following reasons: Each person is different and is going to study different

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10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Homeschool Budget

Let’s face it, homeschooling can be an expensive endeavor. One trip to a homeschooling convention with rows and rows of booths full of really cool looking curriculum can make any homeschool mother’s mouth drool while at the same time her

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Educate to Innovate Initiative

Recently President Obama said in the State of the Union Address that he wants to focus on “educating for innovation” because we need to compete in a global world. (See the White House webpage here.) The website says this will be done through:

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