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Top 10 Classics

I am often asked about my Top Picks are for various subjects. Some are already included in various posts on our blog for the Classes by Classics series of posts. Here are my personal Top 10 Classics list. This does

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What is Mine – Oct. 2014

I often wonder what everyone else is doing. It isn’t really because I want to copy them, more like I want to get ideas of what I want to do. I guess this is why Pinterest is such a hit…we

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Seat Time vs. Instructional Time

I am happy to get private emails about homeschooling with Leadership Education principles. I’ve been getting a few about Transcripts lately. This is a challenging subject for the following reasons: Each person is different and is going to study different

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10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Homeschool Budget

Let’s face it, homeschooling can be an expensive endeavor. One trip to a homeschooling convention with rows and rows of booths full of really cool looking curriculum can make any homeschool mother’s mouth drool while at the same time her

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Economics Classics

We decided to have economics as a separate class simply because it is such a misunderstood area of study in our society today. I truly believe that if everyone in our society studied economics, we would not be in the

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