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What is Mine – Oct. 2014

I often wonder what everyone else is doing. It isn’t really because I want to copy them, more like I want to get ideas of what I want to do. I guess this is why Pinterest is such a hit…we

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Now What?

Now that I finished my 5 Pillar Certification list (see my last post), I don’t know what to do with myself! I typically spend a lot of time during the summer: looking for curriculum (our curriculum is already decided) deciding

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Loving Life

Today is a beautiful day! The rain is making everything so green and pretty. The weather is cool in the 60’s and it was thundering and raining pretty good during Sacrament Meeting, it was loud enough to disturb a speaker

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Mom has ALL the answers….

Where are my shoes? Why doesn’t the sound work on the laptop? Where is the pepper? Can I use the computer? When does “Lost” post online? Why can’t I go___________? What happened to the remote? Can I have cookies? Who

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My “Weekend” Off

I have had the last couple of days off from work….yippee! I really needed the rest and relaxation of not going to work. My family allowed me to sleep in – ear plugs really help with that – and they

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