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Systems: Academic Journaling

How do I journal? What should it look like? What goes into the journal? Should I go “old school” paper or “new wave” digital? (See more on digital journaling at the bottom of this article.) These are very good, but

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End of Year Records

We “school” year round, with a few well-placed breaks among the un-planned breaks throughout. We typically go from July 1st to June 30th each year, which means we are nearing the end of this “school” year (I really don’t like

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Weekly Planner #2

Nayna decided that she didn’t want to use the Weekly Planner #1 anymore. She devised a specific planner to suit her needs. This planner includes all of the subjects she wants to study, planned out over the days she wants

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Shh! Scholar in Progress

During our Mentor Meetings Sunday night, a startling discovery was made….I interrupt my Scholars too much. Nayna politely asked during the meeting to not be interrupted during her study hours. I was pretty surprised, because I thought my kids have

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The Compass – How to Set Goals

I’ve written about the Compass before, but I thought I would share our exact outline for how we use this important ingredient of Leadership Education. Personally, I think it is useful to all families anyway since it is about setting

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