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Celeste Batchelor

Celeste Batchelor

I am a homeschool mother, using the Thomas Jefferson Education (aka TJED) method for over 9 years. With 2 grown children and only one educating at home, our process with learning how to mentor was a tricky process. Even through the difficult navigation of learning TJED strictly from the books and seminars, what I’ve learned along the way is now a gift for you. You may follow us on our blog.

I have also been a public educator, substitute teacher, and worked in special education. We are a foster family and enjoy the many children that have and will come to our family over the years. My training in how the brain works along with our education in TJED has been an incredible journey and I hope to share what I learn with all so they can navigate it all a bit more smoothly.

My goal is to help families embrace and implement TJED through products that enhance and teach how to be a Mentor. There is a gap between getting “off the conveyor belt” and into Mentoring. I intend to help bridge that gap with products that teach mentoring through our Mentor Guides and help mentoring families organize and document their educational journey with our various Freedom Educators Homeschool Planner pages and Evernote templates.

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